PRODUCER:  Adetoro Makinde,
        Yasmin Rams, Joel Haikali

GENRE: Action|Adventure

STATUS: Financing



When CHAMPION, a broke, has-been Namibian soccer player meets the beautiful Asian-American traveler SHONA in the slums of Windhoek, he has no clue that days later they would have saved White South African mercenary CHARLENE and be on the run from an organized posse of killers led by Gertjan, a South African mafia boss trying to retrieve his stolen money.


As they escape through the Namib desert the drive becomes fraught with arguments and danger, with all three desperate to escape their past, but holding on to dangerous secrets. 


When it becomes clear that Shona is seriously ill, Champion rushes her to the only place nearby - his hometown - a remote village he has refused to visit following his career-ending accident years ago. Confronted by the past he tried to bury, Champion begins to drink heavily. Charlene’s dream of a bright future with the stolen cash crumbles when she learns that Gertjan has captured her girlfriend and lover Vuyi. Things spiral dramatically out of control when Gertjan and his posse show up in the small village with Vuyi held as ransom. Realizing that either way she is as good as dead, Charlene makes a final stand and gives the money to the only person she knows will take it – Champion.


As the killers close in, Champion wrestles with a decision--- to disappear with the money and salvage what is left of his life--- or stay with the two women and face almost certain death.