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For Charity's Sake



TRT: 12:00

16mm Color



DIRECTOR: Maurice Dwyer

WRITER|PRODUCER:  Adetoro Makinde



Charity Phillips returns home after yet another date... but will she give in?






Attending the Urbanworld FIlm Festival in 1999 was the catalyst that inspired the creation of Backdoor Films and the launch of my filmmaking.  After watching a series of independent films, I walked out of the theater and thought, “I can do that.   The following year I was ambitious enough to think I could shoot 2 short films in one weekend... of couse it never happened.  And so began my lessons in film school education.  In my first effort producing, I learned that wearing multiple hats as lead actress, producer, writer and director, can be a recipe for disaster. However, I’m proud to say this film was shot and edited inside of  three months. It went on to premiere at the 2001 Urbanworld Film Festival.

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