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NOVEMBER 3 - 7, 2018

November 13, 2018

Hyphenate Partners released a call for submission inviting mid-level South African based Producers, Writers and Directors to attend a 5-day Masterclass workshops (November 3-7) for film and television taking place at the AFDA Campus in Johannesburg. After a vetted online submission and interview, 10 diverse participants and their qualifying projects where selected as Hyphenate Fellows to the inaugural program.

Building on the concept of artist having a solid multi-hyphenate understanding, Fellows participated in empowering exercises led by U.S. based Writer and Producer Adetoro Makinde of Hyphenate Partners | Backdoor Films and U.S. Director, Hanelle Culpepper to strengthen the physical. and logistical presentation of themselves and their work. With a key objective of preparing Fellows to present to an international market, daily workshops covered:

  • First Impressions and What's on the Page

  • Producing a Global Project

  • The Filmmaker's Vision

  • Creating Your Visual Style and Voice

  • Working the Room

Addressing the specific need of South African artist, each Fellow received in-depth analysis, guided feedback and the tools to improve their individual presentations and directing techniques specific to television from Makinde and Culpepper along with with South African Producer Bridget Pickering of Hyphenate Partners and South African Cinematographer Natalie Haarhoof,


Following the workshop, one Hyphenate Fellow with a feature project in any stage of production will be selected to accompany producers Adetoro Makinde and Bridget Pickering of Hyphenate Partners to attend the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. As one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, Sundance is an intimidating but necessary festival to attend for independent filmmakers. Knowing how to attend and effectively navigate the festival’s opportunities and resources is a skill unto itself. The Hyphenate Sundance Fellowship will be an intensive one-week exclusive film festival experience attending high-powered panels, receptions and networking opportunities with elite Hollywood executives, Talent and U.S. independent filmmakers.


AFDA Johannesburg, Hanelle Culpepper, Natalie Haarhoff, Antonio Lyons





"I always struggle to speak in public. I think it's because of how I sound or how I look, that caused me to reserve all my thoughts to myself. But the fellowship made me want to wake up every morning with all the other fellows because I felt safe and people were listening. I am now slowly learning to be outspoken again." - Twiggy Matiwana 

"Hyphenate did a great job in realizing the gap between professionals in SA and their lack of knowledge and understanding of a global market. Bridging this gap takes access and knowledge of how to position and participate as a global player. Hyphenate also emphasized the importance of a holistic knowledge of the different functions of a filmmaking team. It's important to understand writing directing and producing even if you do not do all. I'm glad that the Hyphenate partners were able to bring us together as SA filmmakers and help us to create relationships among ourselves but also to connect with the mentorship group, Adetoro, Bridget and Hanelle and absorb their expertise and experience." - Reabetswe Moeti

"The workshop definitely deepened my understanding of the global marketplace and how it works. The most valuable aspect of the workshop for me was thinking more deeply about how specific scenes could be shot specifically for television (as opposed cinema), and also about putting together an application package from a more American (as opposed to European) perspective." - Meg Rickards

"What I loved about this workshop was how tailor made it was. It was incredibly humbling to recognize the levels of preparation done by Adetoro and Hanelle which was clear in the way feedback was handled. My greatest gratitude is the certainty I feel in how I would like to work in the future, the values that are important to me and the level of love and respect I need to have for any project I participate in to ensure I am fully invested. This week made me feel brave enough to know what is worth fighting for and to be willing to let go of projects and processes that do not serve me. I also gained a renewed confidence in my work as a director. Hanelle’s questions and interrogations of my choices made my strengths and weaknesses as a director more clear to me." - Zamo Mkhwanazi

"The workshop was helpful in showing us the global standard required for presenting and packaging a project for film and television. I appreciated the practical examples and the passion and creativity used by both Hanelle and Adetoro. They really care about getting African stories on the world stage and it shows." - Sara Chitambo

"Firstly, thank you very much. The workshop exceeded by expectations in a few ways. The information and advice given to us by Adetoro and Hanelle was great and very helpful. I really enjoyed working on our Loglines and in fact I had a great moment at a work function over the weekend where I was able to deliver my film and logline to a producer and they loved it! I really got value from the workshop with Hanelle where we directed our own scenes and then got to see how she shot them. Overall I loved the workshop because I believe it beautifully married practical elements( eg how to present your treatment) with personal guidelines ( how to present yourself). Thank you again. Love" - Rorisang Motuba

"The workshop for me was very refreshing - unlike other workshops I’ve attended in the past. We engaged with our own projects and commented to others. Most importantly we did practical examples and interesting physical exercises! I absolutely loved the class and would do it again in a heartbeat!" - Mumtaaz Mahomed Peerbhay

"Thank you for a very informative and well presented workshop. It left me inspired. Relevant examples were used to reinforce suggestions for treatments, look-books and proposals. I loved your passion and enthusiasm." - Stanford Gibson

"Totally loved the masterclasses. What an inspiring and informative space, that reawakened a vision, sharpened tools, and strengthened a resolve. My goals finally found a place where they feel at home, where what looked like a far-out-there goal, was finally amongst peers, normal. Real examples, that illustrate precedence for our vision for the project. My goals were enhanced through getting detailed coaching and examples on what the target market wants and expects. My most valuable takeaway is experiencing Adetoro, an African having success in world-class, global film business. It does not get better than seeing your kind, having the results you want." - Sisanda Henna

I found Hyphenate partners workshop very useful. Creating globally competitive projects is difficult because as South Africans we don’t understand the landscape. So this workshop really helped demystify the unknown. I got tools and advice about how to create a deck that will be considered at global markets. Thank you to Adetoro and Bridget. - Kethiwe Ngocobo

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