written by Adetoro Makinde

Based on a true story set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a disillusion Marine veteran John Keller must confront his inner demons and a racial standoff to save people trapped in his apartment building before violence erupts or worse...

"Wow. THE AMERICAN CAN is built on such a powerful core group of characters. John Keller is an extraordinarily sympathetic protagonist fighting internal wars on multiple fronts. The diverse cast offers a deep thematic look at a cross section of racism in the American South against an evocative backdrop in which people tend to show their true colors. But there's nuance here too, as in the way Keller and the black community are so nonchalant toward the impending storm, as if some of them had a choice to leave at all. Overall, the piece is highly cinematic, driven by a singular emotional core and a stylistic verisimilitude in its mixed media approach."



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